About HMED Academy

Female nurse jumping for joy

HMED Academy was created to support busy Practice Managers and Business owners to assist in meeting the training needs of the clinic staff.

Our learning management system is designed around meeting accreditation and adhering to evidence-based practice within your health setting.

Our software gives you the ability to monitor exactly where your team is competent and where you may need to deploy resources and training.

If you have a new Receptionist or existing Nurses we have content to cover all skill levels within the healthcare setting.

Our self-paced software provides you with total visibility across your team’s lessons, quiz results and final score. This level of transparency across your teams skill-set will allow you to provide genuine training and support in the areas needed.

HMED Academy is an initiative of HMED Consult and was created by a team of industry professionals made up of Nurses, Accreditation Specialist, Medical Consultants and Practice Management Specialist with over 80 years of combined knowledge.

Should you have any questions or would like to see a specific topic added please get in touch.